Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My mister Muggins!

This inspired the Bed. The foot board will have the snow boards and such. He is a natural like his dad. He can do anything!

Ryker's Bed - take 1....

Ryker has been waiting ever since Christmas for his new bed. Ever since Bry finished Ethney's bed, Ryker has been anticipating his. As we approach his big 7 on saturday, we were in a rush so this is what became of the brilliant bed. Our plans have been shifted a bit because of timing. With all that has been going on with the upcoming move, Bryan will have to finish the bed in Ohio, however, Ryker loved what he saw today when he got home from school. Eventually there will be a foot board and maybe even a bench. We will have to seen. In the mean time, a head board works for me. A little peice of Utah goes with us. The set of skiis in the very middle are Grandpa Norman's old skiis! COOL EH! They even have his name on them.

Mr. & Mrs. Chin-a-gins

Have you ever seen something so funny is your life? When I was little, my parents used to line all of us little kids up and we would laugh til we hurt. We would take turns being Mr. and Mrs. Chin-a-gins. So of course after Bry and I got married, i had to introduce him to Mrs. chin-a-gins. We laughed so hard we cried. This past Monday for family night we were in that kind of mood. Bryan got down on the ottoman and it happened. We were both laughing so hard we couldn't breathe. It was the first time we introduced the Chin-a-gins to the kids. We had a ball! I have to say, Ryker stole the show.

My favorite "Little Women"

3 o'clock Tea anyone?

This was just the dessssssert! Mmm! How does one pick?
She is so beautiful!

The best part of the afternoon, the little ones. They are so much fun watching them all prim and proper....... NOT! Grandma made the hats. Thanks grandma, we love you.


IT was so GRAND.... how grateful I am to have spent this time with my mom, sisters and nieces. How fortunate we are.

Monster Truck Show!

We had so much fun with Grandpa Norman! Over Presidents day weekend. Bryan couldn't make is due to entertaining company we had up from Vegas so I took Ryker and Grandpa to the show! It was so great! We even got to see a few roll-overs too!

Of course it was so loud we had to use the good old ear plugs. Well worth it for sure.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

You are my VALENTINE!

The kids could not, or i should say would not, wait until evening time for their Valentine's. They were so excited it was like Christmas to them for some odd reason. I told them all they were going to get was a peice of chocolate but they new better. Mom loves books!
Etheny is my most "Superlicious" girl so guess what she got! Yep, they complete the set.

Ryker has been asking for a Quad for over a year. Knowing that we were wanting to wait til his baptism, and having such a desire, we decided that we just couldn't wait another year so here it is! It has been such a joy. He carry's it with him everywhere and read out of it all day. It has been a huge lesson to me that i need to read more myself. What an example he is to all of us. He even reads to Ethney and questions her about what he read. Kinda funny! He got Bryan to read with him the other day too. You go Ryker! Don't be surprised he he asks you to read with him some time too. I love this kid!
(Thanks Bry for my new camera, that took all these pics!) Long over due.

Valentine LUNCH! Salmon anyone?

Yes our favorite! We have the best little seafood market right up the street. (Coast to Coast) on Gentile street. He always has the freshest, yummiest stuff. So i decided that instead of spending $100 on lunch for me and B, i would spend $10 and have more than we could eat and some left over! All you need is a cup of rice, wasabi and you got it..... SALMON! (in the raw) of course.
Delicious! Our favorite meal.

Valentine Dinner! Pizzaria!

This was my fun center piece that i made to go with dinner. I got into a crafty mood and thought i would have fun with it. Ryker came home from school the other day and told me he found a "Free" tree in the street. That tree ended up being my inspiration for this piece. Fun huh!

Nothing better than a Heart shaped 2000 calorie dinner! YUM! Bry and i DO NOT go out on Valentine's. We are afraid of the crowds and tend to like to keep the chaos at a minimum! So we have started a tradition that we go out another night and stay with the kiddies on the actual evening of V day! It is actually kinda fun and we enjoy celbrating the holiday with those we love most! The kids loved it this year and we kept it simple! Instead of Crab and shrimp, we had Pizza and salad! Nice and easy for me since i had too much to do that day already! What a wonderful Holiday!

Three cheers for all that we love! HUG, HUG!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Birthday ETHNEY! Turning 4!!!

We have starting letting the kids pick dinner for their big night! i had the table all set and was ready to make noodles (her favorite it thought) when all of a sudden... HOW ABOUT SUSHI! She had a request and dad filled it for her! Less dishes for me too! i have been told never turn down a free meal and especially one i don't have to make! so off we went! OSAKA!

Yes, she is eating salmon, raw salmon! YUM! Just can not get enough!
We kept it simple this year. It gets hard trying to get everyone back up here two days after christmas! So here it is, the simple (purple) cake! SHe told me she wanted a purplishish cake!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To a one and only self portrait photographer! Delicious!

FAncy, NAncy! Or shall we say Fancy Ethney!

Best part of the day!

For more than one reason this day was the best! Even though we all wanted to take a nap after waking at 5a.m. this was the perfect opportunity to set up the new bed! Poor little Ethney has been sleeping on a camping cot for over a month. We decided to take her old bed (the bed Bry proposed to me with) up to our family cabin. So for her birthday that is what she was gonna get! A new bed! Bry has been sneaking out to the shop and working like a slave. Of course he says i picked the most difficult bed to build and yes he only had a small protion of a picture to go off of but the result (as always) is unbelievable! He never ceases to amaze me! He is so talented! Ryker helped on a few occasions too, sanding and helping had dad the tools. I was able to help as well a little here and there but the painting was the most fun! Bry and i stayed up late one night and had a blast together. The final project is just what i invisioned!
So here we are... when Ethney fell asleep or shall i say crashed on christmas day, Me, Tami and My Mother in Law headed up to the room and gutted it! While Bry and Lane carried it in piece by piece! Not sure how we got everything to fit but it did!

It was so exciting! it took us well over an hour maybe close to two and then Bryan carfully carried Ethney up and laid her on her new bed. When she woke up she was so confused!

Not sure what to think! it took her a few minutes to wake up and then she was so excited! For the nex few nights she would say to me after i kissed her goodnite, "Mom, don't forget to ask dad that i love him and my bed" (Ask means tell around here)
The picture does not do justice but here it is! We are still waiting on the pillow shams and such but cute none the less!

Happy Birthday my sweet little Moo!

Safety First!

Hip, Hip Hooray! Now its safe to play! My Evil Kanevil? Can now jump all he wants! Thanks!

The day was so nice! Every one cam e to us this year! We are so grateful! Sad that most of our fam was sick so they stayed in doors which allowed for Mom and Dad to come up for part of the day! It was nice to be able to stay home! Relax and enjoy!
Ethney and her singing! She got her own kareokee machine so anyone that is looking for a concert, come on over! SHE KNOWS YOU!

PArty at the Bott's! mom has been wanting a Wii so we can have game night at their house! So when's the night! so fun toom this one is red. We got dad his out controller, yes it is black! Sorry dad it was this or a new suit!

IT was fun having Grandma Carr all day too! That was a switch! Enjoyed the company and the help with the bedroom!

The Doll house!

We are so fortunate and soooooo spoiled! what a most wonderful year we had! We are surrounded by so many that we love. We are so blessed!
Nice wrap job Bry! Thanks for the effort! If anyone out there disagrees let me know!

Nice PUT!

Every girls dream! Take notice that even the mantel has a picture or our family on it! All the cute little touches done by Grandma Bev! cutest paper walls and adorable furniture! GG even made a special little bear rug for the foyer! So fitting! Look there is even a greenhouse at the top! Garage with rake and shovel and the cutest front porch! So talented! THANK YOU SO MUCH GRANDPA & GRANDMA Norman! We have had so much fun decorating!

Yes even the B man was spoiled and was I! If you have not guessed Bry got his Smoker and yes we have already used it 3 time! If yo are wondering what that yummy smell is in the neighborhood.....you guessed it! i can finally tell time again without a phone! My new watch is most magnificant! And Shiny!